Mental Illness And Judicial Responsibility Essay

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Mental Illness and Judicial Responsibility
The spectrum of culpability is an example of, how the law justifies who we blame for a crime and what is the fate of the offender. Let me give you an example, Jason just came home from work; only to walk in his room and, catch Donna in bed with her paramour. Jason suddenly out of anger kills both his wife and lover. The next moment after he realize what he just done and, regrets killing both his wife and her lover. This is what is known as a crime of passion. Neuroscience has only unlocked one door to the root of why some offenders commit the crimes that they do and, what responsibilities do the judicial system have to put offenders in the proper facilities.
The situation with Jason would be the advantage of culpability, meaning the defender could add two additional verdicts. One verdict would be, “A disability to the mind” (Appelbaum) . The other verdict would be a proposal to an insanity test (Appelbaum). The disadvantage is that the court cannot know if Jason already had thought of murder on his mind about his wife. (Ph.D Samenow). The problem with a crime of passion would be that you may have already been insane before you murdered. How would the courts know if Jason and his wife had a stable marriage? Donna act with her paramour may have been a onetime moment of lust. As Eagleman states, “Crime of passion versus premeditated murder, those who commit a former are less likely to recidivate than those who commit the latter”…

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