Methods of Psychology Essay

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Methods of Psychology “Empiricism: The belief that accurate knowledge of the world requires observation of it” (Shacter, Gilbert, and Wegner, 2009). This is one way to see the world however; there may be many things that the naked eye cannot see. If it weren’t for questions asked, people would still be thinking the world is flat because that is the extent the naked eye can see. That is where questions come in to play and were they become research questions. There is also hypothesis derived from these questions. Research psychologists use many methods for their studies to achieve conclusions. A research case study can be used for many purposes including those in criminal justice like researching a criminal mind. “A Research Question is …show more content…
With patterns of variation the first step is to measure a pair of variables. Measuring the variables can range from identifying and labeling the variables to algebraically solving each variable. Second make a series of measurements not just one. The final step is discerning the pattern among the variables. Looking at the patterns of variation, measurement can be used to discover relationships between variables.
Ethics of a study The ethics for a study should include the basic norms such as honesty, objectivity, integrity, carefulness, openness, respect, and confidentiality. The ethics of research should also include animal care, show proper respect, and care for animals when using them in research and not conduct unnecessary or poorly designed animal experiments. Human Subjects Protection is also important when conducting research on human subjects, minimize harms and risks and maximize benefits; respect human dignity, privacy, and autonomy; take special precautions with vulnerable populations; and strive to distribute the benefits and burdens of research fairly.

Drawing Conclusions
“Internal validity: the characteristic of an experiment that allows one to draw from accurate inferences about the casual relationship between dependent and independent variables” (Shacter, Gilbert, and Wegner, 2009). Psychologist to obtain conclusions from a study must have successfully made their study a valid one.
A study that would be noteworthy would be the

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