Mexico, A Country Of The South America Continent Essay

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Mexico, a country in the South America continent. In this modern world, it is considered a third world country but preferably it should be called a developing nation. This country is rich in tradition, culture, and also in its history. From all the countries in Latin America, it is the third largest country out there. Mexico is located in the border by the United States of America to the north and Belize Guatemala to the southeast. Mexico has a pretty large area of 1,964,375 sq kmsq km. it has a total land of 1,943,945 sq km and a total water of 20,430 sq km. It’s the fourteen largest county in the world. Well even though it is so large, Mexico does not compare to the size of Texas. Mexico is less than three times the size of Texas. The geographic coordinates of Mexico are 23 00 N, 102 00 W. Mexico is found on the continent of North America. Mexico touches many bodies of water. The waters it touches is between Baja California and the Mexica mainland’s western coast lies the Gulf of California. The remainder of the country’s western side is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Most people when they hear “Mexico” they think it is hot their all the time. Basically every movie that’s based on Mexico will make it seem like that. Well that is not true. The climate in Mexico will vary on where you are located and what time of month it is. The hottest months in Mexico are April and May in the South, and July until September of the Pacific Coast. Its rainy season in Mexico usually…

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