Military Intervention : Protecting Human Rights Essay

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Both Sides of the Story: Military Intervention In Protecting Human Rights
Through the analysis of many scholarly publications, it is clear that there is a debatable concern about the ethical act of military intervening to protect human rights. Either that a people appeal to consequentialism or deontologist, some people believe that intervention may strip Human rights since some people believe that without intervention some nations would have been stripped of their human rights and the intervention only aided them in the long run. Whichever it is, with case by case support we will try to examine the different concerns of both sides of the argument and we will conclude our results and opinion. Before this essay begins, we would like to define some words for the clarity of the essay and for better understanding of the given subjects. When we use the word consequentialism we are using it as a moral principle or value that determines if an outcome of a situation or action is positive or negative. Contrary to consequentialism, when we use the words deontological deontologist or other word variants, we are referring the intentions of a subject, including duty, integrity, honesty, fairness, moral obligation or responsibility that determines whether a situation is right or wrong based on its solely intent. We would also like to bring up that the united nations contain many nations and area coalition of nations therefore when they intervene the outcome is blamed on each nation…

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