Mobile Phones : Mobile Phone Devices Essay

1089 Words Oct 26th, 2014 5 Pages
As technologies progress, mobile phones are becoming ordinary in this country and around the globe. The computational influence of these devices endures increasing while, at-the-same time they develop ever lighter and smaller. A new variety of mobile phones and other new products is emerging that combine a range of computational competencies into one physical device. These mobile convergence capabilities enable the user to continue online, retrieving all available data, such as email while traveling. While there are numerous distinct benefits with these new mobile phone devices, they also disturb traditional business developments, and there are security issues that may need to be measured.
Business and organizations needs to be alarmed about security, as well as theft or loss of mobiles phone devices used by the organization personnel and corporate data leak via these methods. Possible virus infection and possible unauthorized traffic capture. While enjoying, the suitability and efficiencies brought about by the new mobile phones technology. Application security actions should be intended and applied in order to counter any intimidation to sensitive data presented by the use of mobile phone devices.
Traditionally, desktop computers and cell phones were considered to be two separate categories of tools. As the technology has advanced, the primary function of such devices has become blurred. The merging of communication and computation technology or mobile…

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