Modern Music Is Too Mediocre, Transitory, And Disposable Essay examples

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In ancient Israel, protocol at animal sacrifices permitted the high priest’s servants to plunge a three-pronged fork into the cauldron of boiling water and return to the high priest whatever amount of meat they were able to draw up. In defiance of this rule of law, the sons of Eli (the high priest and predecessor of Samuel as judge of Israel) instructed their servants to take as much meat as they wanted, forcefully if necessary, even before the meat was fully cooked. "This sin of the young men was very great in the Lord 's sight, for they were treating the Lord 's offering with contempt” (1 Sam 2: 17).
Like Eli’s wicked sons, cultural elitists shamelessly and selfishly plunge their forks into parish music programs and draw up as much organ music as they want. In their zeal to "purify the message", they shout, “Modern music is too mediocre, transitory, and disposable”, and then add, “God wants only the best.” But their best is merely the classical best; it lacks the musical diversity of the host culture. Their best simply represents their selfish preferences and classical conditioning. Consequently, as if worship were a solemn ritual filled with antiquity, pomp, and circumstance, elitists impose an artistic, non-mission viewpoint on Christian liturgy. They then mock reform-minded priests in saying, “You’re reducing the persona of God Almighty to a pal or a buddy!” But through cultural diversity, God fulfils his Divine mission and lovingly engages all people.

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