Mongol Expansion Of The Mongol Empire Essay

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Evan Haney
Carol Ludlam
World History 1
Mongolian Conquest
Mongol expansion in the thirteenth century was due to the rule of the Great Genghis Khan who was the chief of the Mongolian empire from 1206-1227.Unification of many tribes along with various battle tactics helped the Khan conquer many lands before his untimely death. Khan learned that terror was a vital weapon in war, which he used much of the time where either you would fight and all the people massacred or you give up and live under Mongol rule. Important Mongol conquered cultures that affected world history were the Russians, Islam, and China.
Throughout Mongolian history, Genghis Khan and his successor Ogedei did not invade very far into Islamic territories yet in 1255 that would end when the great Khan Mongke sent his brother Haluga with an army to go and destroy Islam off the face of the planet. Much of the influence to destroy Muslims was most likely from the Buddhist/Christian advisors who shaped his policies and caused hatred to build for Islamists. During this period of history, the Muslim world was in no position to fend off the Mongols so Haluga had no trouble in conquering much of the Islamic homeland. In 1258, Haluga’s army besieged Baghdad, which was the capital of the Muslim world until a week went by and the once great city was destroyed into rubble as well as massacre up to a million that called it home. Haluga would continue on conquering until he met his match against the new mamluk…

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