Moral Issues Between Consenting Adults Essay

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In contrast, there is a condition under which sexual impulses are acceptable without posing a threat to humanity. According to Kant, this condition is marriage, or as he calls it “Matrimonium.” In marriage, the couple do not only devote their sexuality, but their whole lives and person to each other. Through reason, each person has the right to the other’s whole person which allows them to have sexual desires towards one another without violating morality or humanity. Although Kant is right about marriage being a condition that allows couples to morally have sexual impulses, the marriage could have problems. Sometimes there is inequality if a person gives the other his sexuality, well-being and happiness while the other does not commit. There are situations in which there could be ethical or moral issues between the consenting adults. There are often emotional feelings, pressure, miscommunication and other factors that come in the way of a marriage. Two consenting adults could get married but at someone point stop respecting each other or start using the other as an object. Kant does not touch upon this in detail because it may have not been something that happened often back in the day, but it has become more common now. Many people end up getting divorced or having two or three partners throughout their lives. It has become harder to remain faithful to one person not only because of influence from media or others but because marriage isn’t seen as sacred as it used to be.…

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