Mrs. Bayron 's Daughter Essay examples

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Ashley Gonzalez, Ms. Bayron’s daughter, stated that the Li children were more like family than foster children. Ashley that she interacted with the children all the time, especially Lisa, because she wanted her to become more verbal. Ashley conveyed that she assisted Amy and Wendy with the completion of their homework. Ashley explained that she had frequent conversation with the children regarding their parents. Ashley voiced that she encouraged all the children to have a good relationship with their parents since the goal is for them to be eventually reunited with their biological family. Ashley expressed that the children preferred residing with Ms. Bayron than their biological parents. Ashley conveyed that she told the children they could always visit them after they are reunified with their parents, but the children were not in support of that. Ashley said she wants her “sisters” back home.

Ashley stated that she does not discipline the children, but if they were observed doing something wrong, she spoke to them about their behavior. Ashley confirmed that Lisa identified Ms. Bayron and her biological mother as mommy. Ashley voiced that Lisa would not call Ms. Bayron her foster mother because she does not know what that terminology means. Ashley indicated for Lisa to report that her foster mother hit her does not make any sense. ATTORNEY FOR THE CHILD STATEMENT:

The attorney for the Li children is Adam Staritt and he was informed via email on July 22nd, 2015…

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