Mul A Feminist Empowerment Film Essay

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The classic Disney movie, Mulan is often praised as a feminist empowerment film, but upon closer look, just the opposite may be true. The story is about a young Chinese woman, Mulan, taking over her old, fragile father’s place in the Chinese army, disguised as a man named Ping. She trains among the other soldiers, becoming one of the very best with her accompanying guardian dragon, Mushu and a cricket her grandmother gave her for luck for the matchmakers. She ends up saving all of China by revealing that the Huns are back and invading the country. This movie breaks away from the typical damsel in distress princess story, by having a woman save all of China, but on Mulan’s journey she faced extreme female shaming, all playing into the idea that men are superior to women. Disney’s 1998 film Mulan attempts to tell the story of a Chinese woman fighting for her family while defying gender roles, but looking into details such as song lyrics enforcing both male and female gender stereotypes, and visualization of characters, one can see that this film enforces gender role inequality.
Mulan pushes gender inequality by reinforcing masculine and feminine stereotypes through the songs that it presents throughout the movie. The roles of what it means to be a man is easily laid out within the influential song: “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” This song debuted when the fresh new soldiers appeared to be very weak as the leader Captain Shang sang of how they must become strong as real men…

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