Music Censorship Is A Violation Of Constitutional And Human Rights

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Music censorship has brought fourth lots of controversy in America in the last few decades. There have been many out of hand debates on the subject, but the question is still; should music be censored or not. “Music has always been an easy target for censorship because it is very easy to condemn that which we don’t understand. Generation after generation, the controversy surrounding popular music continues. It’s an age-old tradition of music finding its home in the anger and rebellion of young people. There is also nothing new with older people expressing their fears about the music.” (Music for Teens) Many people and organizations such as the P.M.R.C, Parental Music Resource Center, are outraged by the lyrics of artists today, but on the other hand, music and lyrics are ways in which artists express themselves; many believe censoring music is a violation of Constitutional and Human Rights. A musician’s lyrics should also, not be deemed responsible for the actions of unstable individuals. Tipper Gore founded the Parental Music Resource Center. “The P.M.R.C is a group dedicated to clean up the sexually explicit lyrics and suggestive album covers in he music industry. The P.M.R.C has brought fourth many actions on labeling musicians’ albums. The music industry acknowledged that not all music is untended for young audiences. In 1985, the Recording Industry Association of America reached an agreement with the Parental Music Resource Center.”(Music for Teens) The Parental…

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