Music Mixing System Sound System Essay

842 Words Jul 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Abinet Kenore

As we are living in the world in which peoples are searching/ looking to find joy, happiness, and recreation from the things, which made them worried, or annexed either by being or doing something. There may be many things, which people try to be, or to do. Music is one of the things, which people have been using it to be delivered from problems, to get joy and to feel freedom either by listening or composing/ being an artist.
As I grew and living in the society, who has love, respect, and great appreciation for a music from ancient times either in church or anywhere for any kinds of music, which people classify in any categories. Contrary, there may be problems to be solved in order to have better music to the society to help those who are trusty for music and for the generation in the future.
So today, I am going to address one problem, which my community has with music mixing system/sound system especially at the stage when the artist/singer is performing his music and it is a question not answered for many of the people including me. It is a loudness of musical instruments rather than a voice of singer/artist at the stage. In order to come across with one simple solution, let me take Ethiopian evangelical church broadly. I will address only the church music because it may be tough to solve this problem from the whole music of Ethiopia; as a result of different groups/organizations have their own policy and conditions, and church music is different from…

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