Essay on My Background On Classroom Management

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Classroom discipline is something that all teachers have in their classroom, regardless of what age, gender, race, intellectual ability, handicaps, and other aspects that their students have. The topic of classroom management is important in education because it affects all classroom teachers. Even individuals in higher positions, such as administrators and superintendents, have a discipline plan.
My background in classroom discipline largely has come from courses I took in college at the University of North Florida, professional development courses I have taken as a teacher, and what I have used in my own classroom. At UNF, I took a course titled Classroom Management that presented different aspects of the classroom and potential solutions to problems that may arise. This course was helpful prior to my field experiences in learning more about teaching. A professional development course called Dealing with Tough Kids at the Schultz Center was helpful in using and providing resources for positive reinforcement in the classroom. Trial and error is the strategy that I have used most often in my classroom for the three years that I have been teaching. As a teacher, I can implement a change or policy in my classroom and determine if it works for my students or not. If it does not, I can adjust to fit the situation accordingly.
In order to address the major issues of classroom management, research shows that teachers can use proximity control (Larenas, 2012, p. 131),…

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