My Career As A College Education Essay

874 Words Jul 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Ten years ago, I would not have been considered academic by those around me. I was not focused or motivated, and was heading down an unproductive life path. I became a mother soon after, and my life changed forever. Something inside of me lit up, a drive and desire to give my son a better life, one that I myself never had. I knew that in order to accomplish this, I needed to obtain a college education to ensure our future. There were two things that I discovered as I embarked on my educational journey that were unexpected. I realized about myself that I am an academic within, and school empowers and drives me. I relish in the knowledge that is presented to me, and the feeling of success when I truly understand or master a topic. The other unexpected occurrence was the discovery of my professional niche. After my associates degree, I struggled to decide in what direction I wanted to go beyond that. A career as a school counselor never crossed my mind, that is until I began working as a teaching assistant for Greece Central School District. I have been fortunate to have had my life take the course it has and led me to this position, so that I was able to come to the realization that the field of counseling is where I am meant to be. As a teaching assistant in an alternative setting program, I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to learn and experience the fundamentals of school counseling. As I learned more and my passion grew, naturally I began to feel…

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