My Community Engagement Work I Have Two Different Things Essay

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During my community engagement work I have two different things. As I stated in my earlier writing it was kind of challenging to find activities that better the environment in my neck of the woods. However, in this project I mainly focused on ethics and social responsibilities. The two activities that I have done was one teaching a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and I volunteered at the local humane society here in Gulfport, MS.
I volunteered a little over 7 hours of teaching time to a JROTC high school program here in Mississippi. I am currently an instructor in the military so this was a daily regiment for me, so I thought. I taught what could potentially be the future Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, or Marines about ethics and what ethics means. Not only in the military, but in society as well my intentions were to teach the whole person concept. To be a good person and treat others and the environment with respect, because even the little things that are done could lead to a huge impact.
How does this tie in with the course materials that we have learned over the semester? The funny thing was out of everything that I could lecture I got ethics. I remembered the assignment that we had in class defining what ethics is and what it means to you. I opened up my lecture with the same exact question that was asked of us in this course. I was interesting to hear answers coming from teenagers in High School most of them weren’t even old enough to drive a car.…

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