My English Cousin I Hope Essay

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My English cousin I hope is well and I writing you with cold regards. The issues you bring up in your letter may seem disrespectful to the Crown or just plain out absurd. I applaud you for your criticism and tact. You are entitled to your opinion. However, as a colonial citizen, I am replying to you with fiery conviction to plead the contrary! The acts and measures that the Crown has taken against the colonists are unjust, illegal, and egregious!

My dear cousin, you state that the British government sent troops to America to protect us from Natives and French colonists during the French and Indian War. You stand correct. We are grateful for these troops and the protection they provided from the remaining Native Americans. Regardless of what transpired after the war, British troops were left behind. It could be argued that some of these troops were left for safety reasons but it could also be argued that they were left to enforce British authority. My fellow citizens did not have a problem with the troops being here during the war and shortly after. Our problem lies in a time of peace! This is a violation of our rights. There shall be no standing army during peacetime unless Parliament agreed (English Bill of Rights). This is also a problem, as we are not represented by Parliament (English Bill of Rights). You state that Englishmen in Britain pay a reasonable Stamp Act to help fund the army. You are being illegally taxed through this act! The crown has amassed a…

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