Essay about My Experience At A Girl Scout Meeting

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I’ve lived in Junction City my whole life and my journey started when I was eight years old after my parents divorced. Since there was only one parent to carry the burden of taking care of me and my sister, I became more independent because I felt that I needed to help my Mom with household chores and meal preparations. She appreciated my contributions as it helped take the extra burden off of her and made her less stressed.
In fourth grade, my friend Lacey asked me if I wanted to attend a Girl Scout meeting. I had always wondered what the program was about and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn some new things and have fun. I really enjoyed the evening and joined the troop the next week. I loved being part of such a fantastic organization which helps girls discover their inner strength and encourages you to love your planet and change the world. Through Girl Scouts I learned organization, (Alder, Rosenfeld, & Proctor, 2013, p. 111) leadership, volunteering makes a difference, and most importantly to love myself and others for whom they are. I felt such satisfaction in going to the retirement home to paint the ladies’ fingernails, purchasing items to make baskets for babies in need at the local hospitals and playing in a Wii bowling tournament at the senior center. My highest achievement in Girl Scouts was earning the Silver Award. This was earned by organizing and putting on a Camporee for all of the troops in our Service Unit. Our troop had to make the…

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