My Experience At The California Coast University Essay

792 Words Jul 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
During my past academic experience, I was enthralled with the material ad knowledge that I was able to obtain and did. After I graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in the year 2013, I started my college studies with California Coast University that same year. California Coast University is a, accredited university that offers online degree programs. I enrolled in the Associate of science in general studies program. My courses and studies consisted of Environmental Science, Mathematics, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Humanities, Philosophy, English, History, Business, Business law, Criminal law, Advertising and promotions, marketing, and other general and elective courses.

While completed my courses online, my work consisted of unit exams and unit essays for each course. Each course consisted of four of each (unit exams and essays). I feel I benefited from learning in a online setting for many great reasons as I was able to do critical research on the subjects at hand. One, I was able to focus on each course in my own setting without the stress of being at a classroom at a certain time. The flexibility benefited my educational experience. Second, I did not experience the distractions that traditional college life can consist of. Distractions in terms of social, personal self, and not having enough study time. My education was completed all online. The process included me enrolling in a course (sometimes two at the same…

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