My Family Vacation : A Hug, A Kiss, Or A Homemade Meal On A Sick Day

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A hug, a kiss, or a homemade meal on a sick day can all convey a similar message. Love. When a relationship or experience is full of love, there is some way that it is expressed. One of my most distinct memories from family vacations was how welcoming my grandmother was when we would visit her in Arizona over spring break. She went beyond being a good host, she made my entire family feel at home. We would walk into a completely spotless house that was full of pictures of us. It would be specially cleaned just for us so our allergies to her cat would not act up. She would make sure to stock up on our favorite foods of the time like Eggo waffles and Kraft mac and cheese. She kept a tv in the kids room so we had a treat when we came on vacation. She made sure that we knew that nothing, including her room, was off limits and we could explore wherever we wanted. Her love may have not been shown the same as other grandmas show their love through homemade baked goods and meaningless checks, but that does not mean it was worth anything less. It still made me feel loved and I knew that this was her unique way of expressing her feelings.
My grandmother valued comfort over most things as one can be seen by how she expressed her love for her family. She believed that if we felt at home, we would be encouraged to visit her more. It definitely worked! My family went back every spring break because we knew we would be welcome and we would feel a complete sense of love there.…

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