My First College English Class Essay

1989 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
In life many things and people hold value to us, when a child is brought into this world his or her parents lives are changed forever perhaps making it less theirs and more of their child’s. However nowadays children don’t realize that before their parents got the role of mom and dad, they had lives of their own. Quite frankly I think that most children don’t have interest in their parents lives like their childhood, best moments in life and bucket list things which still haven’t been fulfilled. Finding out at first what my final research paper for my first college English class was an exciting moment knowing it would be me writing about my father’s life, a man, filled with experiences and stories to tell. My father is always hardworking whether it’s at home or doing construction to feed his family. Getting him to sit and answer some questions about his life was ironically harder than I anticipated considering his busy life style. Finally finding the right moment and free time he was right in front of me ready to tell a legacy, sitting straight with his back against the chair was a strong hard working and loving man, without even asking him anything his facial features spoke even before he did, deep brown eyes full of experiences along with eye bags and forehead lines showing the hard work and devotion that a life requires. His rough veiny hands surely showed the effects of his life, a man who has been through a lot and yet is still going strong.
The questions begin of a…

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