My First Encounter With Pharmacy Essay example

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As strange as it may sound, my first encounter with pharmacy happened even before I learned how to speak. In Vietnam, there is this spiritual First Birthday ceremony by which all one-year-olds must pick an item such as a stethoscope or a money note from a tray of twelve, each of which is thought to link to the baby’s future career and will “forever seal their fate”, in the words of my grandmother. According to my mother, when facing with the tray, I immediately chose a drug box! Years later, I looked at those ceremony photos again and realized that the event had less to do with my destiny than the fact that it must have been my dad who, in an attempt to “coax” me into following his career path, put the most attractive, playfully-packaged box of drug onto the tray. Even now, my dad is still a great source of support for me, and I have a strong sense of pride in him, for I know that he is the blueprint that defines who I want to become in future. It is indeed his career’s stories that shape my childhood and instill in me a passion for pharmacy today.
My father is a dedicated pharmacist who isn’t very contented with the status quo of the pharmacy system in Vietnam; he is always eager to cure the system, or at least a part of its deficiency, by means of research and innovation. I learned from him that knowledge must not only be learned, but it must also be used to benefit humankind. I am greatly inspired by his work, and it is my desire to follow in his footsteps by leveraging…

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