My First Language With Learning English Essay

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We live in an area which contains many different types of individuals. We have different type of individuals in our area; which all have different backgrounds and cultures. My first language was Spanish; and I learned English throughout my elementary and middle school years. Growing up with Spanish being my first language has been a great quality of mine because I believe that learning Spanish is harder than learning English. I am extremely happy and thankful that I learned Spanish and English because it is truly amazing to know both languages. Both languages are the two most languages used in the valley, which is the area in which I grew up.
When I was growing up I began my pre-k and Kindergarten years in English classes. They ended up moving me to bilingual classes in the first grade and I stayed in bilingual classes till 5th grade. Each year in my bilingual classes the language spoken the most would be Spanish, but our tests would be in English. I remember it being a challenge having to know everything in two languages. Spanish has always been my strongest language and I am eager to continue learning both languages to a maximum level. I was in bilingual classes for a very long time because each year that they would conduct the English test to be able to put me in English classes something would happen that I would not be able to go to school.
Each year beginning in the third grade I started taking what was at that time the TAAS test. These tests were in English and I…

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