My First Memory Of My Life Essay

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This is the background of my life…. For the most part
My first memory is when my dad took my sister and I to the park. I was in a stroller looking at a lake and it started to rain, that’s all that I really remember but it’s a good memory. Looking back at this it sounds kind of somber, but I don’t know I guess it’s because things were so simple and untampered when I was little. Whenever I look back it makes me happy, but unfortunately there were plenty of stuff that brought me sorrow as a kid.
I grew up in a household where there was constant yelling between my mother and father. To this day I’m not entirely sure what they were yelling about, but they always seemed to be angry at each other. I remember my siblings and I would just hiding in the room while mom and dad yelled at each other until dad stormed out the house. This happened a lot and at one point child protective people showed up at our house and school asking us all questions about what type of household we lived in. Of course, my parents told us about this and said that if we told them the wrong thing we would be taken away. The idea of being taken away from your family and never be seeing them again scared us ,so we made sure to tell the people that everything was fine in our household even though there was constant yelling. We later found out that it was our older cousin that called child protective services. I never knew why, but I still don’t really trust him to this day. The yelling continued for a while…

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