My First Mother 's Day Essay

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My First Mother’s Day
I stood with pride as the youth passed out the mother’s day plant at the end of Sacrament meeting. It was my right to accept this small token and I was delighted it was finally my turn. All I had ever wanted was to have children. I felt that my husband Travis and I, had done everything we should. We had been married in the temple, active in church and serving in our callings, paid our tithing, and even served our time in the nursery on several occasions. It had been almost a decade since we had been sealed together for “time and all eternity” and told to “go forth, multiply and replenish the earth.” We both yearned to have children in our lives, and could not understand why our prayers had not been answered or why we were not blessed with children. We hear council, we should wait for things to occur in the Lords’ time, but it can be difficult. That day, I finally felt that God was answering our prayers.
A few weeks previous to that mother’s day, the phone rang and the caller ID said Children’s Bureau. My heart skipped a couple beats. Was this the call we had been waiting for? I was afraid to answer. Travis and I had been working on getting set up with Children’s Bureau, a private foster care and adoption agency, to help facilitate the adoption of a foster child. We had been jumping through all their hoops; like taking parenting classes, getting background checks, preparing for our home study, and even requesting reference letters. We had been working…

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