My First Season At Court Essay

2064 Words Jul 2nd, 2015 9 Pages
My entire life changed and was crumbling around me. In the two years since Mother died, father had transformed into a man that I hardly recognized. He spent the majority of his days looking for any woman with a dowry large enough for us to stay at Ashlake Manor and the majority of his nights gamblings away the little we had left. Our home was in ruins. Mother 's once lovingly tended gardens were full of overgrown weeds, and lifeless rose bushes. No longer did the fragrance of her prized flowers fill the air. The manor house itself was starting to crumble in upon itself and we had to shut off an entire wing, not only to save money on the cost of coal to heat the now empty rooms, but also to hide the holes that were starting to appear in the ceiling. One by one, our servants had been released from their servive which only added to the neglect that surrounded us. My sixteenth birthday was just days away and I should have been preparing for my first season at court. Father 's new vices had taken all of that away from me. Oh, I was still headed to court, however, it was not for my season. I was going as a Lady in Waiting for our new Queen, who from the rumors I had heard was a vapid young thing from the province of Drairus. Most girls would kill for the chance to serve the Queen. I would be provided with all of the latest fashions and the most exquisite food in exchange for my services to Her Majesty. That might sound desirable to others in my position, however I was young,…

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