My First Thing I Had Imagined Essay

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ABSS was nothing like I had imagined. I thought that it would be a school building similar to the ones here in the United States but it was not. The first thing I notice was that the school is location in a university campus. The second things that caught my attention was that although the school building is composed of only classrooms, there is still strict security around the area. The whole school is made up of at least seven small sections. There is the library section, the office section, the pre-school-2nd grade section, the 3rd-6th-grade section, the music/art and computer section, the cafeteria section and the restroom area. It surprised me to see how open the school area is because it does not resemble an American school building at all. The school buildings are run down and the restroom area is very small. But the classrooms are full of color and life. When I walked into Mrs. Alba’s classroom (where I stayed for my field experience), I noticed that the classroom resembled the size of my bedroom at home. It was very small and the walls and tables were very crowded. Since Honduras has very warm weather and the school does not have air conditioning, there is a fan located in every classroom. It was very hard to walk around the room without running into something because of the fact that it was too small. Even though the classroom was small, the students and teacher made it work. The students knew that they were to ask for permission before getting out of their seat.…

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