My Goals For A Job At Yellowstone Bear World Essay examples

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In April of 2015 I interviewed for a summer job at Yellowstone Bear World, but by the end of the interview I was offered a three month long merchandising internship in the gift shop. Throughout this internship I created a few goals for myself. My main goal for this internship was to help me focus on a route to take for my future career. I pondered the career option to go into merchandising for a while, but I didn’t have any experience in merchandising or retail to know for sure if I could be happy in that field. When I accepted the internship I was excited for the experience to find out if I could see myself doing this as a career. During my internship I was given many different responsibilities of a merchandiser and learned different tasks a merchandiser must accomplish. Some duties were harder than others, but overall I found myself enjoying the work I was doing. Each day I noticed little by little that this was a work I could do well. I talked with both my supervisor and the vice president on what their favorite part of this type of work was, and I realized that what they considered the best part was also my favorite parts of the industry. When I realized this, I decided to focus my career towards merchandising, and thus obtained my main goal with this internship. I had other goals and things I gained during this internship. One of the things I wanted to gain from this experience was an appreciation for this industry. I gained this appreciation while I was working on…

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