My Graduate Degree At Dallas Baptist University Writing Essay

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Summative Essay Prior to pursuing my undergraduate degree at Dallas Baptist University writing was not a strong suit of mine. Contrary to popular belief, math was always my proffered subject. Unfortunately, I did not encounter Professor Hutchins until the last semester of my undergraduate degree. Although it seemed as though it was too late to repair my writing skills, she still managed to completely reconstruct my way of thinking toward grammar and writing and even my perspective of life.
Memorable and Distinctive Elements I, personally, retain the least amount of information when instructed by way of long traditional lectures. Thankfully, Professor Hutchins exerted multiple methods of teaching. One of the elements she used was a discussion form of lecturing. She created an open yet professional atmosphere for questions and dialogue throughout the lecture. For instance, she permitted each of her students to e-mail the class interesting current events that did not have to necessarily pertain to the course. Once the student everyone became familiar with the article, video, or story, the class took the last five to ten minutes conversing/ sharing their different perspectives. The author of our textbook Debora Stewart (2004) mentioned that discussions help develop critical thinking, enable students to the lucid thinking patterns of others in order to construct an objective. She also disclosed the need to set ground rules that were to be upheld during discussions. The first…

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