My Instructional Delivery As An English Language Learner ( Ell )

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Every student brings a form of prior knowledge to the classroom whether they are a native English speaker or an English language learner (ELL). As a teacher, it is my job to figure out what that prior knowledge is and expand upon it in multiple ways. Every classroom contains different types of learners that require information to be presented in alternative forms. Because of this understanding, I focus on varying my instructional delivery as well as trying different teaching strategies to meet the needs of the students. Personally, as a student, asking the teacher was not always my first choice when I needed clarification. Many students may be uncomfortable asking for help even when their native language is being used in the classroom. For English language learners, asking for help or clarification in an inclusion classroom can be a daily struggle. It is a necessity that the classroom environment is welcoming and accepting in order to foster participation and communication within the classroom.
Discussion and participation are vital aspects of my teaching philosophy. According to the sociocultural theory suggested by Vygotsky, the sociocultural environment plays an important role in how students develop cognitively (Lavendenz, 2010). Promoting student—student interaction as well as student—teacher interactions in the classroom makes for dynamic environment that gives students a greater opportunity to communicate. Opening the lines of communication within the classroom…

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