Essay about My Learning Journey : Mentorship Course

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My Learning Journey
I was always interested in teaching and wanted to do improve my mentoring skills. Mentorship course will be very beneficial for my communication and teaching skills. Becoming a mentor is a challenging and rewarding experience. My journey as a nurse has allowed me to develop skills and go through different experiences. I understand my strengths and weaknesses now which enable me to provide ultimate care towards the patients. My main aim throughout the mentorship course is to improve my mentoring, therefore aiding my co-workers, junior staff and students. I believe this course is very effective and would be extremely useful in my career.
Through the mentorship course, I have achieved theoretic knowledge and advanced skills. To accomplish this I did research through books, articles etc. (NMC 2015) states: prioritise patients, practise effectively, preserve safety and promote professionalism and trust. Mentors should keep their skills and knowledge up to date and uphold the standards of their professional code.
I felt that this course is a significant training process in my career. I will be more confident towards my students and my co-workers and to share my knowledge. The mentorship course helped me to understand different learning theories, learning styles and teaching strategies. It made me recognise the significance of reading literature, journals and articles to become an effective mentor.
Arriving at the University, I was very anxious and nervous.…

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