My Life At The 2004 Powerade Slam Dunk Essay

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I remember watching the 2004 Powerade Slam Dunk Contest in my basement like it was yesterday. But before I get too far into this story, let me give you some background on my life up to this point.

Now I was only in the first grade when the 2004 Power Slam Dunk Contest occurred, but I do indeed remember watching the contest. At this time in my life, I had already faced some obstacles. I was a shy and unsocial kid and I found out I was color blind. The farm was the only place I wanted to be because I loved the cows. My grandpa was my hero and still is today; my Uncle Brad was my best friend and today serves as my guardian angel. I looked up to the Lamb girls (Katelynn, Kylee, and Elizabeth.) They occasionally babysat me and did more often as I got older, bless their hearts, I was a terrible child.

Back to the Dunk Contest....

I remember watching the contest in utter amazement as Candace Parker dunked. I 'd never seen or heard of a girl dunking, though it had been done before. I remember the commentators talk highly of her and saying how great of an athlete she was. I learned Candace would be playing at Tennessee for Pat Summitt. Now I had no idea who this lady was and no intentions of following Candace, Pat, or Tennessee.


I turned on the TV to the ESPN like I did often. The Tennessee Lady Vols happened to be playing North Carolina. I was watching the game and a player fouled Candace, I remember the commentator say "she fouled Parker to avoid the dunk." From then on I…

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