My Observations Of The Classroom Essay

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 Name of Program/Setting (full description of environment, students, teachers, etc.)
The program that I choose to do my observations is the Ounce of Prevention, the classroom is a three to five class, with seventeen students and three teachers. The classroom is divided into fine areas for the children to move around freely. The children were actively engaged in their experiences. As I observed the children in their play, I saw positive relationships and interactions with adults and peers. The children were able to explore all available resources around the room. The children were engaged in conversations with their teachers that showed expression language building, for example a child was looking out the window and he pointed up and said look Mrs. the clouds up there in the sky, from that the teacher was able to add more detail and asked questions about the sky by asking what else can we see in the sky, they continue to talk about Airplanes, Jets etc. Some children showed an interest in looking at books, music, dramatic play, table toys and more. The class has a smart board, computer, and iPad. The iPad and computer are more of a one on one with the teacher and the child, there are materials on both electronics that are for all students to explore and also for children who are receiving early intervention as well, these experience are added to the child’s IEP or IFSP, also in this classroom there are two students that are bused to CPS, for half day to receive services, that…

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