My Parents Had The Responsibility Of Balance Work And Family Essay examples

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When I was around 3-4 years old, my parents had the responsibility to balance work and family. My dad was a construction worker who worked a full time of 8 hours from Monday through Friday. It did not involve much traveling away from home. If he had to travel, it would only be to a place that is 2 hours away at the max and would still be able to make it back to his family the same day. My mom had a part-time job as an assistant in medical herbs and worked about 4-5 hours from Monday through Friday as well, so that she can spend more time with my sister and me. She also did not have to travel since her workplace was locally. Because my parents didn’t work on the weekends, we would have responsibilities around the house on Saturdays and go out on Sundays. For example, my dad would do the laundry and heavy lifting, such as moving the couches and furniture around our living room and my mom would go ahead and do the vacuuming. My mom was in charge of cleaning the kitchen while my dad would just relax for a while and play with my sister and me. She would also do the cooking and washing the dishes after finishing up breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Compare to my mom, my dad did not have much responsibilities around the house since he was in charge of the household earnings. With this being said, my family adhered to the traditional gender roles for a certain period of time. On Sundays, my mom would be the one to decide how we would spend our day while my dad would be the one who…

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