Essay on My Personal Addiction Is Cigarettes

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Addiction is something that everyone deals with in their lives. It can be range from drugs, alcohol, items and/or people. It can ruin a person’s life without them even knowing it. Although, many do not classify certain things as an addiction, the truth of the matter is that people have certain items that want and will do anything to get it. For example, a person may be addicted to purses. That person may own a significant amount, but when a new one comes out, they are running to the store to purchase it.
My personal addiction is cigarettes. I have been smoking off and on for about 25 years. I started smoking at the age of 14. Both of my biological parents smoked, along with most of my extended family. It became my security blanket because of a not so normal childhood. When I lost my mother, and my father abandoned me emotionally, the only thing that was there for me was a cigarette. It became a part of my lifestyle and my coping mechanism when feeling stressed. I do not consider myself as a “chain” smoker or someone that lights up one cigarette after another. On average, I smoke about a pack a day. I definitely have a routine when it comes to smoking. When I get up in the morning, I have coffee and a cigarette. Before I leave for work, I usually have had 3-4 cigarettes. On my way to and from work, I have 4 each way. I have been able to figure how many miles I can drive in between cigarettes. Finally, I have about 5 more when I get home. I smoke after…

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