Essay on My Professional Code Of Ethics

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My professional code of ethics comes from a multitude of locations and areas in my life but mostly I have learned a lot from my family and former peers in the workforce. Learning a lot from families and peers in the workplace can have its benefits because I have a code of ethics for my personal and professional life. I also have a code of ethics that has varied from one job to the next because some jobs require more ethics then others. I remember years ago when I was a telemarketer I actually had access to numerous social security numbers, addresses and personal information that if I wasn’t an honest person could have been a major problem. I also ran numerous credit checks and had to try to sell products which were always difficult at times because some of the products were not the most satisfactory and I was always honest where other employees stretched the truth at times to get a sale. This brings up the first part of my professional code of ethics.
The first ethical standpoint I want to bring up is integrity. I believe integrity in the professional world is very crucial and allows the person to have a good reputation in the professional world. Professional integrity means that you will strive to work in an honest manner and be a reliable person within your professional realm (Institute of New Zealand, 2015). My ethical ground work for integrity started with my father who was an honest and reliable worker all his career and I have always strived to live up to my…

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