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Neighborhood Scholarly Paper: Effective Control of Asthma Using Peak Flow Monitoring
Tammy Harris
Alvernia University

Neighborhood Scholarly Paper: K.Y. Management of Asthma Using Peak Flow Monitoring
The client focus of this paper is K. Y. She is an eight-year-old, typical third grader at the local elementary school, where she enjoys playing with her friends. K.Y. lives at home with her father, mother and two brothers. She takes swimming lessons, piano lessons, and enjoys family outings. Bur most of all, K.Y. loves anything that involves animals. Prior to her eighth birthday, K.Y. suffered from ongoing issues with reactive airway disease. This is a term used to describe a history of coughing, wheezing and/or shortness of breath, often
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It isn’t always possible to detect inflamed or obstructed airways. Therefore, peak flow meters are a cheap and easy way to measure airway responsiveness at home. A peak flow meter measures the flow of air as it’s expelled from the lungs. When the child blows into the meter, like blowing up a balloon, a marker will slide up a scale on the meter indicating how much air was expelled. The peak flow is the number where the marker stops on the scale. Peak flow meters can indicate the severity of the child’s asthma, how well he or she is responding to medications during a flare up and if the asthma is getting worse. If the peak flow is lower than normal you know that your child’s airway is inflamed or obstructed; this means that lung function is not at its best and a flare up may be on the way giving you time to take preventative measures such as administering medication. Once a physician has recommended the home use of a peak flow meter, he or she will set three zones of peak flow readings based on your child’s personal best reading. The asthma action plan that you devise with your physician will include a chart indicating what to do for the readings in each zone. The green zone, or safety zone, means the peak flow is 80% or better of your child’s personal best indicating the airways are

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