Nfl 's Offensive Juggernaut : The 2013 Denver Broncos Essay

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The NFL’s Offensive Juggernaut: The 2013 Denver Broncos
Walk into almost any sports bar in the world and you will hear countless debates among sports enthusiasts, as to which team is the best and why. For many countries around the world they are probably talking about their respective soccer teams. Here in America, most likely they would be talking about football. Which according to the Harris Poll is the most popular sport in America with 35% of fans calling it their favorite sport (Rovell). Most of the time this is going to be the home team associated with the bar, or occasionally the team of an individual who moved there later in life. No matter how poorly their team may be playing or what the statistical evidence may say to the contrary, true sports fans stick almost blindly follow their teams win or lose. And you may never convince them of their rival’s superiority in any matter. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is a part of what makes watching and following competitive sports so much fun and so great. But when you are talking about the best ever you truly need hard facts and statistics to accurately argue your case. This can be a very daunting task when you focus on all aspects of the game; with this in mind this paper will focus on only one, the offense. This paper is going to show that the 2013 Denver Broncos were one of the best offensive units of the Super Bowl era.
When trying to determine which historic team was the most prolific offense of the…

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