Nintendo And Pc Gamers And Xbox Essay

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It does not matter whether a gamer uses a console or a pc to be considered a gamer because we are still a gamer in the end. Whether someone owns a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, or a PC, everyone still falls down in the category of a gamer. Although there is a hidden war going on that just does not seem to stop coming back. This was is between console and pc gamers and it’s about which platform is better.
As it is unknown how many people actually play on all of these systems. It is clear to say that PC has the bigger community. With it recently achieving seventy-five million users back in early 2014. It is unknown how many the console community users it has but an approximant calculated. The PS4 has sold 23.2 million units giving it the top seller in this category of consoles. Followed by the Xbox One with 12.8 million and the Wii U with just under 10 million units. Assuming that each console sold would be one user given for that platform.
The price for a unit also determines the community size for each gaming system. At this moment the Xbox One is being sold at the price of $341.99. The PlayStation 4 on the other hand is priced $57.96 more expensive than the Xbox, giving it the price of $399.95. Followed by Nintendo’s latest console with the price tag of $324. Lastly the gaming pc being from $400-$10,000 depending on the consumers’ needs and wants. Not to mention but PC can be made by anyone unlike a console, initially making the cost of the product cheaper and more…

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