No Child By Frank O ' Connor Essay

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Only Child When I came to U.S. I saw a lot of families that have only one child, which is something unusual in my country. In Saudi Arabia, most of the families have at least three children in order to have a larger family. at the beginning, I did not pay attention to this problem until I read My Odipus Complex story by Frank O’Connor, which is as a story talking about how is difficult to have only one child. I think everyone should read this story specially parents because they will understand more about this situation. In My Odipus Complex story we can learn three things, which are prevent a child from being very close to his or her mother, teach a child how to respect his or her parents, and how can we solve this problem. In My Odipus Complex story, we can see how Larry, who is the only child, is very close to his mother, which is something parents need to be awake to because it will affect their child behavior. For example, when Larry said, “I was disappointed about that. I began to think that god was not quite what he was cracked up to be” he makes me think even though he loves his mother does not mean he hates his father, and ask god to send him to the war again. Also, if they let their child continue doing that, there life will be affected by their child’ attitude. In addition, according to My Odipus Complex story, Larry’s family was controlled by him for a period of time, which uncomfortable to his parents. They need to educate their child about how he or she…

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