Essay on No People Would Mean Fewer Worries

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In the article ‘Fewer people would mean fewer worries’, (Geer 2008, p.1) biologist Allen Geer contended that 1. technological solutions to environmental problems are inadequate, and 2. that stabilizing the population at present or lower levels is a durable and easy solution to implement. Therefore, stabilizing the population should be implemented as a solution to environmental problems such as climate change, either in tandem with, or in place of technological solutions.

In support of main premise 1 that proposed technological solutions to environmental problems are inadequate. The author contends that with each new advance in technology it becomes increasingly difficult to return to earlier technologies that were once effective. Because new technology “almost invariably” starts as something simple but over time becomes increasingly complex and narrowly owned. Since, this leads society to reshape itself in order to accommodate the new technology, making it hard to change back. Geer used genetically modified plants as an example of when technology became more complex and narrowly owned to support his reasoning.

This premise is provisionally acceptable, however it is not very relevant to the overall conclusion and it provides weak grounds to support main premise 1. Although it may be true, technology that was a sufficient solution in the past it would likely to be ineffective and impractical in the present day. Although Geer only used one example to support his claim,…

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