No Right Or Wrong? Essay

1103 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
There is no right or wrong when adding pleasure to human needs. Single sex encounter to society has been more acceptable now than in the past. Presently, society is classifying this act as a sexual activity with no remorse due to the mutual neutral attachments that both parties have agreed. The conventional sexual morality, place one tonight stand sex as unacceptable, however, the moderate view argues that one-night sex encounter is a diversion that does not have any morals attachments and it should not be disciplined especially when mutual parties had agreed.
The act of one-night stand is a sexual pleasure that does not have any meaning, no emotions, and no justification but only an agreement to satisfy human needs. This brief pleasure only last one night and later this act become an activity. When both parties encounter and agree to fill their body 's pleasures, they are only fulfilling their body 's obligation to be satisfied, as a duty. This sexual act has become acceptable because is a trend among the younger generation. The younger generation behaved with impulse and their moral are not being taking into consideration because they’re being influenced by their human body growth.
The conventional view of sexual morality towards one-night stand perceived this sexual impulse as undignified due to the lack of principles or morals. Every action needs to be done with an essence to fulfill an individual for a longer period of time and one-night stand satisfies an individual…

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