Norne Paper

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12th A-PCNDT 2006 – Asia-Pacific Conference on NDT, 5th – 10th Nov 2006, Auckland, New Zealand

Jan van der Ent1 ; Niele Findlay2 ; Niels Portzgen3 ; Oddbjørn Nupen4 ; Geir Endal5; Olav Førli6

RTD Rotterdam The Netherlands 2 RTD Perth Australia 3 RTD Rotterdam The Netherlands 4 Technip Oslo Norway 5 Statoil Stavanger Norway 6 DNV Oslo Norway Abstract

Development of the Norne Satellite Field comprises the connection of the two oil fields Stær and Svale to the Norne FPSO (see Figure). A unique solution, a common, single pipeline was selected by Statoil for transport of the multiphase well stream from the two oil reservoirs. The Norne
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The line pipe is longitudinally welded SAWL joints of 12m length, with 21mm backing steel (X60) and 3mm metallurgical bonded 316L CRA

Figure of the Norne Field with Stær and Svale reservoirs

Approximately 788 welds at Technip’s spoolbase facility in Orkanger Norway, was inspected using the CRA AUT inspection technique, in detail described in this paper. * Dutch patent registrated under nr: 1024726, awarded in May 9th 2005 and filed for PCT application Nov 8th 2004 under nr: PCT/NL2004/000874)

1. Introduction
There is very limited experience in the Offshore Pipeline industry regarding the Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Austenitic Girth Welds with CRA layers. The AUT inspection technique to be used for Austenitic welds having CRA layers deviates from the standard approach, which is described within internationally available AUT inspection standards. Due to the coarse grain and anisotropic structure of the weld material, special designed ultrasonic probes and adapted AUT system inspection software were required for examination of the Norne Satellite CRA welds. The “new” inspection approach was subject for qualification and validation in order to demonstrate that the proposed technique could fulfill stringent inspection requirements which are applicable for the reeling process. Experiences from former projects are difficult to find, since this was the

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