Essay about North Korea Violates Human Rights

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North Korea Violates Human Rights
All around the world human rights are being violated in many ways. There are many leaders that violate their citizen’s human rights. In today’s world, the popular country known for violating citizen’s human rights is North Korea. In North Korea citizens are being restricted from their basic human rights. North Koreans are being malnourished, freedom of movement is being violated, and unusual punishment is taking place. Children in North Korea are not receiving the food, medicine, and healthcare that they need. Therefore, they are not developing physically and mentally, “Millions of North Korean children are not getting the food, medicine or healthcare they need to develop physically or mentally, leaving many stunted and malnourished, the United Nations has said” (Millions of, 2012). About one third of the children in North Korea under the age of five have demonstrated evidence of stunting and it is mainly found in the rural areas where food is decreased. The best plate of food a child can receive in North Korea is maize or rice, “Rations usually consists of barley, maize or rice, at best, while many children are growing up without eating any protein, Sauvage said” (Millions of, 2012). They are growing up without eating any protein affecting their physical growth, cognitive capacity and their ability to learn. It has been proven that North Korea does not have the ability to feed its people.
Critics have said that the government should be…

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