Essay North Korea 's Economic Crisis

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North Korea

There are 196 countries in the world today, and there are only three divided countries out of 196 countries. Country that I want to talk about which is North Korea is one of three divided countries, and they are threading the world with nuclear weapons. North Korea is located in Eastern Asian, Northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea went through many wars and many leaders and right after the end of the World War II, the U.S and the Soviet Union divided the country approximately in half in 1945. North Korea’s leader isolated the country from the world with the concept of self-reliance in social, economic, and political affairs in 1945, and today, it continuing under North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong-Un. North Korea’s economy is the world’s least free economy, and due to that, many citizens are starving and escaping to South Korea, China or some other countries to find a better life. However, their poor economy could not stop their military training and launching missiles, rockets, and nuclear weapon programs, and due to that, North Korea is one of the biggest threat to the U.S and the world today. North Korea is located in Eastern Asia and occupying Northern section of a peninsula that extends south between East sea and Yellow sea. The terrain is mostly mountains, highland areas, and narrow valleys. The country size is 47,250 square miles and if compared to the U.S, it is just about as small as Mississippi. In addition, North Korea is 20 percent…

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