Notes On The New Diet Essay

981 Words Jul 9th, 2015 4 Pages
y new diet has been a rather challenging one when I first started out I was under the impression that I could eat whatever I want when I want as long as I work out vigorously. After some much needed research I now know that this is wrong in a number of ways ok for one the total number of calories I intake is always going to be different from the amount of calories that you burn. If my output in my workout does not match the number of calories that I intake then I have just done a number of things. One is that instead of those calories being put to use to later become muscle they will eventually become fat because they aren’t being burned as they should be. So just because I work out like I’m the best athlete doesn’t mean I don’t have to eat right. Also another key factor that I looked into was that my unhealthy eating style was weighing on my body very badly over the summer I hired a personnel trainer who would put me through these workouts. We would see some slight progress and wonder why it was very small to none at times but then he asked me if I had been eating the diet in which we had set up and I was supposed to follow. I was not following that diet at first making up multiple excuses we then sat down and he showed me my muscles and my body he said that I can work all I want but until I am ready to eat right all the weight I lose I will gain right back just because of the fact that im not following a diet. What really struck is when he told me that it would eventually…

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