Notes on Women in Animation Essay

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In animation are we moving away from stereotypic depiction, are we maturing, are we changing our culture for the best? if so how? is now beter then before? Moral and Ethics in disney animation

woman representation in modern animation.

gender stereotyping and sexist imagry

Woman in the animation production an overlook

Lotte Reiniger
Mary ellen
Faith Hubley
Evelyn Lambart
Sayoko kinoshita
Gillian lacey caroline Leaf

quote from the book

Jayne Pilling
'Women and Animation'
Published in Great Britain in 1992 by the British Film institute
21 Stephen street
London W1p 1PL

"A younger generation has felt free to explore a range of subjective experiences, in a sense taking feminism for granted. some reject an
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Because the choice of fomn in animation is so wide, it can be less inhibiting i.e. there's no set standard to adhere to not set length or conventional structures. "

Women Working together

Leeds Animation, a feminist cooperative founded in 1976 who needs nurseries? We Do! most cel animation. talking about issues like sexual harassment, women in a subservient role. in an funny way so it would entertain a wider audience that wouldn't necesaribly relate to the issues
Give us a smile
Out to lunch
Gillian Lacey, moved to leeds so she could use her animatory skills in a more political way but was a bit disalusioned having similar political views does not make for goo work partners
'Blind justice'
'The stain'

AMERIKA level of film criticism is way higher in the states then in the UK, lead in animation research and greater networking between animators, also a rich background of experimental and avant garde film making. Mary Ellen Blute= earlier pioneers in experimental animation making

cg development and women?
Lillian Schwartz pioneer in cg arts in the 60s
Joan Staveley autobiographical
Chitra Shriram= indian culture and mythology
Simi Nallaseth= 'diabolic wife' about male

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