Nursing And Practice Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing Jurisprudence is the department of law that collects all the different legal rules and the principles that affect the practice of nursing and includes: “the study, but also the interpretation of all these rules and principles and their application in the regulation of the practice of nursing” (Nursing Crib). The laws, which are also known as the nursing practice acts, are set up by each states board of nursing. The state board of nursing license nurses based on these NPAs, and holds hearings for those accused of misconduct. This means that each nurse is to know and understand the Nursing Jurisprudence, which includes the NPAs, and is required to follow them or risk losing their license. Nursing Jurisprudence is something that all students in or going into nursing programs either at Concorde or other programs should be aware of.
The Texas Board of Nursing has many different responsibilities to uphold which include: protecting the public from unsafe nursing practices, it provides approval for nursing education programs, enforcement of NPA and Rules and Regulations, and issues licenses for nurses after completion of an examination for new graduates and licensees from other states who are trying to obtain a Texas license. The BON makes sure that all nurses renew their license every other year with confirmation of the required continuing education. According to the BON website they license qualified RNs to begin practice as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs),…

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