Nutrition And Weight Status : Diet And Body Weight Essay examples

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List of Possible Organizations for Interview
Nutrition and Weight Status: “Diet and body weight are related to health status.” (
 Target Population: General Population (Adults and Children in the U.S.)
1. Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools: Leading the Way Toward Healthier Youth
• Developed by National Academy of Sciences
This intervention takes a look at the school’s environment and identifies nutrition related health concerns. The goal is to improve the student bodies health by offering nutritious foods and beverages outside class, decreasing sales of calorically sweetened beverages, and increasing the states that incentivize food vendors to sell food that follow dietary guidelines. Because students spend a majority of their time at school this can account for much of their food intake and positively affect their health.

2. Recommendations for worksite-based interventions to improve workers ' health. (Community Guide Recommendation)
• Developed by Community Preventative Services Task Force
This intervention includes assessment of personal health habits and risk factors to estimate future health issues. Following the assessment is educational counseling on health behaviors that may be changed to positively affect a person’s later health outcomes. The studies done have found that assessments with feedback alone do not lead to large improvement but with added education programs have more impact.

3. Effectiveness of Primary…

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