Nutrition Programs Should Be Effective Essay

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accumulation of body fat in normal health body. The first solution consists of replacing vending machines that contain unhealthy foods and drinks and replacing them with healthy items (918). This will help students be knowledgeable and also provide them healthy food options. School based interventions may be effective to help unite the community to fight obesity as a community together. Obtaining administrative support which can help children engage in cooperative activitiy increase participation and improve self-confidence. Schools have to rid themselves of exclusive pouring rights where schools agree to promote a certain brand of drink in exchange for money (918). School nutrition programs offer for breakfast or lunch should not unhealthy foods found in restaurants. So students can learn the valve of eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. During physical education class, can be a great opportunity to teach children about obesity and being overweight. Also in class, there should be quality daily physical education for all students. Teachers need to select activities that are fun, and challenging. Regular physical activity in schools can reduce obesity and other related chronic diseases. School should provide salad bars for students to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure that they are receiving the most nutritious foods and help them set healthy eating habits (918).
Strategies and solution for parents use is to help them understand how to teach their…

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