Obesity Demographics Paper

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Obesity Demographic Paper

Obesity Demographic Paper
Obesity is becoming a major worldwide epidemic that is a chronic disease which affects everyone young and old, male and female alike. The exact cause is still unknown and scientists are still trying to understand what triggers it. One cause is that in today’s fast paced world, people do not have time to sit down to home cooked meals, or exercise and really take good care of themselves. Fast food restaurants are replacing the home cooked meals and providing bigger portions on their menus and people not finding time to exercise. Instead, they choose to sit down and watch movies at home or surf the net as a source of entertainment due to economic reasons. Children are playing video
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Lower income families and individuals have a higher rate of being obese due to their diet which is made up of fats and processed foods which is usually more affordable and cheaper. Fast foods and sugary cereals are a favorite among children and without an active lifestyle it is causing them to become obese.
With people living longer and chronic diseases rising, the average healthcare costs are growing at a rapid pace and they are five times higher than a person without any chronic conditions. Health problems that are associated with obesity have a big economic impact on the healthcare system that encompasses direct and indirect costs which include preventative, diagnostic and treatment services that are associated to obesity. The health care costs in the United States alone are between $147 billion and $210 billion ("Overweight and Obesity", 2012).
Since people are living longer lives and the “baby boomers” reaching retirement age, people are relying on the benefits from Social Security and Medicare. Medicare’s budget has nearly doubled the same as healthcare has doubled for the average household and there are fewer and fewer people contributing to these systems and it is putting a heavy strain on everyone as they try to find ways to find a balance. Many of the elderly will suffer from obesity and chronic illnesses which will

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